Not a ‘Techie’ Person and Struggle with Code? Don't Worry!... We've Broken Down ALL HTML Jargon into 40 Simple Lessons that Every Marketer Needs but ANY Beginner Can Follow!

Discover How to Edit HTML Files Remotely via FTP in Emergencies, Manipulate Text, Colour and Hyperlinks in Code View, Disable and Hide Code without Deleting It, Create iFrames to Squeeze More Content into Your Sales Page without Dropping Conversion Rates, Customize Blog and Word Documents with HTML, Embed Multiple Payment Systems, and much more!

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Sunday 14th of August
From Eric Thompson and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

If you want to set up any type of webpage or landing page, you absolutely MUST know HTML. The reality is that even if you are using visual HTML editors, you will still run into basic coding issues that often prevent you from moving forward.

Does that sound familiar to you?...

You've bought some amazing software that 'builds' most of your website for you, but you STILL have to edit some code to get it functioning exactly the way you want...

You're trying to install a script on your website, and even after following the instructions you STILL can't get it to work...

You're scared to touch any HTML code on a web page in case you completely mess it up and can't un-do the changes...

You attempt to customize your blog and do everything carefully, but when you press F5 and load the browser it looks NOTHING like how it should...

Because of that you're afraid to make changes to your websites which slows down your progress and most things are 'left for later'...

You feel you need an expert to help you, or even do everything for you but you're concerned about the costs...

If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by all the techie stuff... and find yourself going round in circles... that pay close attention...


The Reality is EVERYONE Faces these Problems... Even the Pros!

But unfortunately they have deep pockets and can hire a coder in a moment's notice to fix any problem... and you most likely are doing everything yourself.

Maybe you can resolve the one-off problem... but what if you' build 10s, even 100s of sites, sales funnels with multiple offers, run and maintain a network of blogs, activate several plugins, modify themes, or use third-party funnel building software and run into technical glitches (which almost always happens)...

Where does that leave you?... Most likely, you're stuck back at square one and you have to do things yourself.

The truth is that compared to a lot of other languages, HTML is the easiest to learn.

But until now NO ONE has sat you down, and patiently explained everything to you step-by-step.

That's why we've create a set of training lessons especially for beginners (and even pros who need to brush up on their skills) that cover ALL the fundamentals of HTML coding... without needing to be a coder.


These HTML Lessons are Create by Marketers FOR Marketers.

This means you'll only learn what's actually USEFUL and PRACTICAL in your everyday life... whilst leaving out the rest.

We've carefully hand-picked specific topics that tackly day to day problems including... how to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editors... how to edit HTML files remotely via cPanel in case your website is down...

Plus... how to embed multiple payment systems into your sales page so you can switch between various income methods... how to hide and disable specific segments of code for testing and troubleshooting issues... plus so much more!

Here's a closer look at what's inside this course...

Here's a closer look at what's inside this course...

Lesson 1 - Overview of HTML for Marketers

This video gives you an overview of this basic course on HTML for Internet Marketers. The goal of the course is you being able to confidently edit a website’s HTML code without having to master all aspects HTML programming language.

Lesson 2 - WYSIWIG and Why Use HTML

In this lesson, you will learn the importance of understanding HTML code enough to edit it. You will also learn why editing a page inside its HTML code is oftentimes more advisable than using a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.

Lesson 3 - Uses for HTML

There are many places where you might find and use HTML or where it often shows up in things you do on a regular basis. Several examples of these are shown in this lesson.

Lesson 4 - HTML Editing Programs

Paid and free HTML editing programs are explored in this video. How you can access the ones already installed on your computer or find free HTML editors on the internet is explained to you.

Lesson 5 - Editing from FTP

What you will learn in this video is how to make and save changes to your HTML site inside the File Manager of your site’s control panel.

Lesson 6 - Page Extension Names

The importance of not changing the name of the index.html file is covered in this tutorial. You are shown examples of what happens when both it and another page are left as is and when they are changed.

Lesson 7 - Folder Management

This video looks at how to get the exact address of a file from a folder. It also explains the importance of understanding the folders so you are able to refer to different files in the folder as well as determine what will be seen on your web page.

Lesson 8 - Above the Page Body

This lesson looks at the area of the HTML code above where you will typically be working in when you edit a page. The two items in this area that you will cover in this course are highlighted for you.

Lesson 9 - Opening and Closing Tags

In this tutorial, you will explore the format of opening and closing tags in the HTML code. Recognizing these tags helps you to know what HTML is telling your page to show.

Lesson 10 - Headers and Titles

Here you will learn how to find the title of a page within the header tags. You will also be shown how to edit and save the HTML code for the title of the page.

Lesson 11 - Text Manipulation

Knowing how to use opening and closing tags gives you the ability to find and manipulate text between the tags. How this is done is covered in this video lesson.

Lesson 12 - Colour Manipulation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use tags to change the colour of text on a page. You will also learn how to find and use the Instant Eyedropper tool to get the code for specific shades of a colour.

Lesson 13 - Creating HTML Hyperlinks

The focus of this lesson is how to hyperlink a section of text on the page from within the code. You will also see how to work inside the HTML code to change the destination of the hyperlinks.

Lesson 14 - Adding Images via HTML

The specific format in which images are stated in the HTML code is what you will look at in this lesson. This is useful for when you want to insert images on a page or edit an image that is already on the page.

Lesson 15 - Creating Lists with HTML

How a list is edited from inside the HTML code is shown to you in this lesson. You will see how to change from an unordered list to an ordered list in a particular format.

Lesson 16 - Breaks and Paragraphs

In this lesson, you will learndifferent ways to use paragraph tags and thebreak command within the HTML codeto control the spacing of text on a page.

Lesson 17 - Text Alignment with HTML

This video shows you how to align elements of a page to the left, right, or centre. The centre alignment is the focus of the lesson as it is the one you will do most often when you work on a page.

Lesson 18 - Add HTML Comments

Comments are very useful as reminders of what you have done in editing a page or as a way to communicate to other persons working on the page. This tutorial shows you how to add comments within the HTML code.

Lesson 19 - Create iFrames with HTML

This tutorial shows you how to display a page from another part of your website or from a different website on the page you are working on. Sizing and alignment of the frame are also covered.

Lesson 20 - Summary of What You've Learn So Far

This video reviews the many commands you have learnt to manipulate within the HTML code of a web page. You also get suggestions as to how you can apply and extend your newly mastered skills.

Lesson 21 - Advance HTML Customization

This is an introduction to the topics you will cover in this course on how to use HTML code in everyday ways. It mentions several of the platforms you will look at and the approach that will be used to cover them.

Lesson 22 - Customize iFrame Dimensions

In this lesson, you learn how to change the dimensions (height and width) of an iframe. You will also see how the changes made affect the shape and nature of the frame.

Lesson 23 - Inserting HTML Divider Tags

This video shows you how the divider tag subdivides a page so that you can apply particular elements to specific parts of the page. You will learn how division tags give you an idea of what is happening on a page.

Lesson 24 - Inserting YouTube HTML to Page

In this tutorial, you see how to add YouTube code to embed a YouTube video into your website and set it to autoplay. You are also shown how to embed an entire playlist of videos into your website.

Lesson 25 - Locating IDs in Affiliate Network Code

Link code contains several bits of information and it is good for you to be able to locate them. Here you will explore the parts of a link code to find the affiliate ID and image.

Lesson 26 - HTML in iTunes

Here you will find out about the Apple Link Maker, Music Toolbox, and Banner Builder forpodcasts on iPhone. Understanding the embed code helps you place aniTunes image in places where you want to direct people to your podcast.

Lesson 27 - HTML in PayPal

This lesson shows you two ways to set up payment buttons so that they direct your customers to your PayPal account.

Lesson 28 - HTML in Warrior Plus

You have to work with HTML when you create individual products in Warrior Plus. In this video, you will explore the parts of two codes that are used to place elements from Warrior Plus on your page.

Lesson 29 - HTML in JVZOO

When using JVZOO, you will have to use one of its hosted buy buttons in order to have your statistics tracked. This tutorial shows you how you can use JVZOO’s option of embedding their button with your own button and, in particular, how to do this for a WordPress site.

Lesson 30 -HTML in Autoresponders

Using AWeber as an example, you will learn how to install a form to collect names for an email list on your website. You will be shown how to do this using JavaScript or using the raw HTML when you cannot use JavaScript to do this.

Lesson 31 - HTML in Sales Pages Headers

This lesson shows you how to replace headers in your sales pages. Finding the name of the original header in the code, then replacing and editing it are covered in the video

Lesson 32 - HTML in Sales Pages Images

Here you will see how to change an image in one of your sales pages by switching file names. The tutorial also shows you how to use the Properties tab to hyperlink an image.

Lesson 33 - HTML in Sales Pages Videos

Explore how to place an autoplay video on a sale page. The example used for this is a video hosted on YouTube. You will also get tips on how to customize the Embed Video settings before placing the code.

Lesson 34 - HTML in Sales Page Font

Knowing how to manipulate certain aspects of the font on a sales page can help you to emphasize certain elements. In this video, you will learn how to find the elements in the code and adjust them to your preference.

Lesson 35 - HTML in Sales Page Alignment

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the centre code to centre align a single line of text or several lines at a time on a sales page. You will also see how to do this for images.

Lesson 36 - HTML in Sales Page Buttons

This lesson covers how you use your existing button when working with an affiliate network. You are shown how to work in the code to replace the original button and then you see how to align it on the page.

Lesson 37 - HTML in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has a feature that lets you create a web page fairly quickly. Adding an image to the page, saving the page, then opening it in your browser and editing its code are all covered in this video.

Lesson 38 - HTML in WordPress

Exploring the file structure of a website for the purpose of analysing the website is the focus of this video. You are shown how to recognize WordPress installation, as well asthe contents of some of the files.

Lesson 39 - HTML in Web Browser and Source Code

When you visit a website you can see how it is built and how it functions by looking at its source code. This video shows you how to do this in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Lesson 40 - Summary and Re-Cap of Everything You've Learned

The course aimed to help you recognize and adapt to problems using HTML. This is a review of the practical examples you explored in the course of how to do this.


After watching these easy-to-follow lessons, you'll wonder why you never found these videos earlier and how much time, money and frustration it saved you!

So, go ahead and grab these powerful lessons now. HTML couldn't be easier, with each lesson being a small fraction of the cost of paying a developer to make changes to your website for you. In fact, these lessons pay for itself after just the first few edits you make! What could be better?

Finally learn the essentials of HTML that every marketer needs... even if you're a complete technophobe!

This training course is designed to show you how to break through the technical limitations that are holding you back and edit your HTML code with ease!


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How can we make such a confident guarantee? Simple. Firstly because we know that these videos are packed full of value - stuff that they don't teach you in school and secondly because we were once in your shoes and know what it's like to go through this steep learning curve.

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It Couldn't be Easier! Watch, Learn and Apply what you Need to Know... When you Need to Know it!

You have absolutely every reason to become successful online and with all this knowledge at your fingertips nothing will hold you back.

Use your new found knowledge to learn, grow and expand so you can attract more prospects, customers and clients.

Listen... it's not about trying to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes all it takes is knowing how to work with what's already in front of you to get the results you need.

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